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It is so easy to feel that as a man, everything falls on you…every weight and responsibility is yours to carry. But that’s not how God designed it. He wants you to be like David- a great King and warrior- who was consistently going to God to receive everything he needed to continue to move forward in strength. You weren’t meant to do it alone, God desires to take the burden for you and equip you to lead well. We have monthly prayer breakfasts, specific life groups and yearly events to strengthen you in your walk!

Sometimes we need a place to just exhale and be free to be ourselves as women. We need a sisterhood of other women who are cheering us on in life and encouraging us to take the brave steps into all that God is calling us to! That’s what you’ll find among the women here. A real sisterhood that prays, studies the Word, and lives out our purpose… together. We believe that, as women, we are great influencers to the world around us- home, school, work, the neighborhood, and the other countries of this world. We have weekly prayer, specific life groups and yearly events designed to fulfill this purpose!


We know that God has created our kids with special gifts and purposes not only for their future, but for right now! We believe that these unique God given gifts are in your children and it’s our privilege to help them discover it so that they can change our world!

It's Not About Religion, It's About An Intimate Relationship With Jesus

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